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The Disquisition
Investigating the bible and Christendom, This Disquisition is intended to open peoples minds and to make them question scripture for greater understanding.

Join Worship in effort to aid family friendly programming. Contains worship discussions, online bible with resources and members community you can join.

Church of Scientology of Brighton
Church of Scientology of Brighton, United Kingdom: We offer Dianetics and Scientology services that teach how to offer practical help.

Stonealive Theatre Company
Challenging Christian Theatre based in Bristol, UK

New Jesus picture book
Story of Jesus-Illustrated by Sesamme Street's animator. Tells the magical story of jesus accompanied by illustrations embedded in photographs of Christian Historical Biblical sites from the Holy Land.

Scarlet Thread Ministries
Scarlet Thread Ministries is a non-profit Christian missions organization, working in the USA, and with Churches of Praise in Europe, Ukraine and Asia.

Earlestown Baptist Church
Baptist Church established 1871 demolished May 2000. Fundraising to establish a centre for community activities and multi-agency accommodation, as well as providing a home for our church fellowship.

Interesting Times
Interesting Times supplies, occult, pagan , wicca, witchcraft shops, new age catalogs, psychic stores we supply a range of online products with fast mail order service.

King's Church - Swanage
King's Church is a dynamic local church which has strong community links. We are affiliated with the King's Centre in Aldershot and we are also members of the Evangelical Alliance.

Mother Goddess Gnostic Society
Goddess Religion, Join the worlds fastest growing religion and let the goddess be your guide.

The Salvation Army
Salvation Army Addlestone Church & Community Services - Projects, Prayers, CAMEO, Vanguard, Teen Page and much much more.

Resources & Information for Wiccans, Witches and Pagans, including articles, free wiccan lessons, homestudy courses, workshops, listings and forums - based in London, UK.

Church of Scientology
Scientology contains effective answers to society's most crucial problems, among them drug abuse, crime, education and decay of moral values.

UK Pagan Links
pagan links,information and resources for the united kingdom.

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army in the UK and Ireland is part of an international Christian church working in 109 countries worldwide.

Transformations Ireland
Transformations Ireland exists to see our NATION BLESSED and TRANSFORMED as the result of fervent united prayer of Christians in the churches.

The Organisation and Religion to Re-unite All Religions

The mystery of the number 666
The number of the beast described in the Apocalypse of John is revealed by replacing the letter

Source for praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

The Diocese of London
This is the largest of the Church of England's dioceses, serving 3.3m Londoners north of the River Thames.

Gnostic Judas
Incredible insights into The Gospel of Judas, Gnosticism and the divine mission of Judas Iscariot.

Contending for the Faith
Protecting the Integrity of the Gospel

Jesus Will Return
Jesus, the Prophet and Messiah, is alive and will return to the Earth in the near future. He will unite the Muslims and the Christ