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Pet Supplies (8)

Animal Inn
At our quarantine kennel and cattery, we offer a friendly and comprehensive services for both pets and their owners.

Pets & Homes
company offering to care for your pets in the comfort of their own home enviroment whilst you are away or simply when you are unable to.

Walking With Dogs
Walking With Dogs... a community for people who love to walk and take their dogs with them.

Dog Holidays
Dog holidays without kennels plus information on breeds and diets.

Pazazz Chinese Cresteds
Breeders of Chinese Cresteds (powderpuffs) and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels present their dogs and information on care and grooming.

Poultry Housing
At Homestead Poultry Housing we focus on using the latest build techniques designed to ensure the health and comfort of your birds.

Prevention of Leishmaniasis in Dogs
Find veterinary information on leishmaniasis in dogs, including disease control and prevention with Scalibor Protector dog collars.

Farfet Felines
Provides farfet, felines, siamese, turkish van, orientals, cats, kitten breeding, kittens, siamese kittens, oriental kittens.

Pet Diabetes
Management of dog & cat diabetes with insulin therapy, attention to diet and activity levels. Information for dogs and cats with diabetes mellitus using Caninsulin.

Provides products regarding the chinchilla rodent.

Synflex For Pets
Selling liquid glucosamine formula for improving mobility and easing pain in dogs, cats and horses.

Provides a range of aquatic products.

Lancashire Heeler Club
The Lancashire Heeler Club supports and promotes this pastoral herding dog, a native breed of the UK, at home and internationally.

Agility Training
Provides information and help regarding dog obedience and ability training.

Rescue Dogs
Overlooked rescue dogs UK. Offering rescue services and information for dogs.

Dog Crates
Shop at for buy dog kennels, dog crates, dog kennels, dog kennels for sale, outdoor dog kennels, portable dog kennels, fish tank, rabbit hutches, fish tanks, reptile terrariums, reptile vivariums and pet accessories.