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Industrial Noise Control Directory

Sound Research Laboratories
The leading most experienced acoustic consultancies in the UK ,design consult ,test in all areas of noise and vibration.

NR Special Projects Ltd
Offering a complete engineering service to industry to solve industrial & environmental noise problems.

Robinson Acoustics
A range of noise control assemblies can be fabricated including induct , pressure release silencers, and anti vibration units.

Bradgate Containers Limited
Provides industrial noise control and industrial noise reduction solutions.

Powerplus Engineering Ltd
Specialists in the field of industrial noise control and sound proofing.

Advanced noise solutions
Advanced technology to achieve high noise reductions at considerably lower cost than common noise control solutions.

MAN Acoustics
Provides products which are used extensively in the architectural, mechanical services and production engineering disciplines

Helmside Acoustics
A consultancy which advises on all aspects of sound, vibration and noise control.

NR Special Projects Ltd
Specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of acoustic enclosures, control rooms, acoustic louvres, and more.

Noise & Vibration Management Ltd
Offers comprehensive noise and vibration consultancy services.