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Specialists in whole-body hydrotherapy effects of Airbath based in UK.

UK based company produces oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy, anaesthesia, breathing filters, and more.

British company designers, manufacturers and marketers of vascular products for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Astra Tech
Provide a dedicated education, training and support service for healthcare.

British company produces dental floss and tapes, premium floss products, dental sticks, interdental brushes, and more.

offers a range of oral care, first aid, and sports support based in UK.

Offers a range of oral care, first aid, and sports support based in UK.

Instrumentation Laboratory
Provides a range of services including clinical chemistry, critical care, information technology, molecular biology based in UK.

Medical Solutions
Offers a wide range of services including healthcare, pharma biotech and life science research sectors based in UK.

Specialises in Diagnostic and Magnification Products for the Optical and Healthcare Industries.

Specialises in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to make a meaningful difference in patient's lives based in UK.

Verna Care
British company produces pulp,gloves, stable chair, hygienc chair, and more.

Smiths Medical
British company produces a range of product which are used during critical and intensive care, surgery, post-operative care.

British company produces a hearing implant system that is used to treat certain kinds of hearing loss.

Offers a wide range of hearing care and hearing aid based in UK.

Blatchford and Sons Ltd
Provides prosthetic and orthotic services at centres attached to hospitals throughout the UK.

British company produces trauma products, hip resurfacing, ligament replacement, augmentation, and more.

British company produces and manufactures the clinically acclaimed furlong and total hip replacement.

Helping Hand
Offers a range of information about pressure management, moving equipment, handling equipment based in UK.

Specialists in domestic home lifts, low rise lifting platforms, and more based in UK.

British company produces, design and manufacture of operating tables, state of the art electrosurgery units and surgical suction.

Gyrus Group PLC
Offers a range of information about urology, ent, anesthesiology, and general surgery products based in UK.

Swann Morton
Offers a range of products including carbon or stainless steel sterile surgical blades based in UK.

British company produces a range of products including medical gas, anaesthesia, suction control, oxygen therapy, and more.

Specialises in Medical and industrial equipment based in Uk.

Tyco Healthcare
Provides a wide range of products including disposable medical suppliers,monitoring equipment, medical instruments based UK.